Wedge House, Blackfriars London

Wedge House, Blackfriars London

Wedge House is part Hotel and part offices, located by Blackfriars Bridge London. The project was to supply and install an 800 Kva Generator on level 13 of the 15-story building

Installing a brand -new generator

A Bulk tank was installed in the basement with twin wall steel welded pipe in pipe fuel supply and dump lines to the Generator Base Tank

A remote Fill Point cabinet was installed on the ground floor with twin wall welded steel pipe in pipe fill line to Bulk tank

The Bulk tank had to be installed early in the project as the only access was via lift shafts which would have to be closed to complete the construction.

Supply and installation of the generator

The Generator was also difficult as it had to be lifted by crane onto a Canti-deck platform and skated into position on level 13

Once the Generator was in place a Fire Rated room was constructed around it with a discharge plenum around the front of the Generator

A Stainless-Steel twin wall exhaust system was installed between level 13 and the roof on level 15

The Generator was commissioned using 4 x No 200 Kw Modular resistive load banks which would fit inside the lifts

The Project was completed on time and on Budget in June this year.

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