Providing Critical Power Generators
when you need them

GMI Power provide a range of energy and power solutions to UK businesses from life safety generators to back-up power systems. As a highly experienced EPC Contractor (Engineering Procurement and Construction), we can provide you with a full turnkey service for your on-site energy and power system requirements.

We offer a range of services including power for STOR, Capacity Market and emergency standby generators. Additionally, we can source off-grid power, diesel generators, gas generators and UPS systems that will provide the power when you need it, in the most straightforward and cost-effective way.

Standby Generators & UPS Systems

Are you prepared for when the lights go out?

At GMI Power we will find a cost effective and reliable emergency power generator system to automatically step in when your mains power is down.


Our Services

From bespoke Natural Gas generators selling power to the UK National Grid to small emergency standby generators GMI Power Solutions have successfully delivered many different energy and power solutions to numerous businesses throughout the UK.

Emergency Standby Generators

Bespoke emergency standby generators giving you peace of mind that your organisation is protected in the event of mains power outage.

Capacity Market

Engine driven generation is encouraged to be available to start at short notice to support the demand on the national grid


Our SCR system will ensure that your business meets current and future emissions legislation for NOx output

Gas Generators

Our Gas Generators offer a reliable back up should your business have a blackout, protecting your processes and staff.

Diesel Generators

We offer diesel generators that generate electricity from a large internal combustion engine fuelled by diesel.

We have over 150 Years Experience in the UK Energy and Power Industry

Our operations span the UK and specialise in the delivery of high-quality complex projects, from inception to completion, meeting tight deadlines and rigorous specifications with confidence.


Proven experience & capabilities in a number of industries

We place great effort and emphasis on our relationship with clients and we pride ourselves on our ability to design and install energy and power solutions that meet the specific requirements of every client.


How We Work

At GMI Power Solutions Ltd UK we provide a complete turnkey solution for any emergency generator or power generator solution. We specialise in the design, install and management of generator systems, specifically tailored to the requirements of the business.



We work in collaboration with statutory bodies to provide an inclusive design service ensuring even the most challenging and complex of projects are handled professionally.



For each installation we plan everything in detail. Our comprehensive design and planning service ensures everything is delivered to site on time and meets our rigorous standards.



We offer to maintain and service everything we supply. A professionally maintained power solution provides the continued resilience for your critical systems long after it is installed from diesel generators to gas generators.

Controlling Emissions

Concerned about your carbon footprint & air quality?

We can integrate your energy and power solution with a hybrid grid solution that utilises a combination of energy technologies to optimise your energy supply, minimise costs and reduce your carbon footprint.


Our Latest News

At GMI Power Solutions we want to keep you up to date with everything that’s happening at GMI Power and updates within the energy sector.

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