Standby Generators

Standby Generators

Your Complete Standby Power Solution

At GMI Power we provide a collaborative approach to finding the ideal standby generator to ensure a reliable backup up power source and location for any emergency standby generator. From banking to healthcare we will endeavour to find a cost effective and reliable emergency power system to automatically step in when your mains power is down.

We specialise in delivering bespoke solutions to customers including hospitals, data centres, banking, shops, offices, cold storage, airports and more. Our specialist team work with consultants, end users and contractors from initial design to project completion.  We can when required provide a turnkey solution, so you can carry on managing your organisation without having to think about how your emergency power supply will operate and the detailed functionality behind it. Our dedicated solutions team has the specialist knowledge, experience and resource to advise and deliver your complete standby power solution.

Why do we need Standby Generators?

As a nation we have become dependent on a continuous supply of electricity to power our day to day lives. When our mains power supply is removed we have to find an alternative method to power essential machines, databases and life-safety equipment. A backup generator provides businesses and organisations with the knowledge that if mains power supply is suddenly unavailable, a suitable emergency power package supplied by GMI Power Solutions will automatically spring to action and maintain business continuity.

How does it work?

A Standby Generator sits quietly ready in the background of your business and automatically comes into action only when required. It provides a dedicated source of continuous back up power limited only by the amount of available fuel in the tank when the main electrical power source fails. The generator is connected to an automatic transfer switch which constantly monitors the incoming electrical supply and when an interruption in service occurs, it automatically starts the generator and switches power supply to the emergency generator until the normal power supply is restored whereupon the normal supply is reinstated and the generator is automatically turned off.

At GMI Power we work with you to find the best generator solution location that will to support your organisation.

A Full Turnkey Service

At GMI Power we design, install and manage generator systems, giving you peace of mind that your organisation is protected in the event of mains power outage. Our team can take care of every step of the process, from design and installation to on-going monitoring and maintenance.

Our generator systems are designed to be flexible to meet both your power requirements and any limitations on space and emissions.

Controlling Emissions

Concerned about your carbon footprint & air quality?

We can integrate your generator with a hybrid grid solution that utilises a combination of energy technologies to optimise your energy supply, minimise costs and reduce your carbon footprint


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